Augustine: Spiritual Centaur?

H. examines whether Augustine's mystical experiences are a combination of Neoplatonic and Christian elements. H. concludes that A. is not a "spiritual centaur", but that the mystical elements of Plotinus and Porphyry are placed "within a matrix of Christian belief", H.'s conclusions, while eminently...

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Auteur:Robert A. Herrera
Gepubliceerd in: Augustinian Historical Institute, Villanova, 1994
Peter Lang, New York, 1994
Onderwerp:- Biografie > Relaties en Bronnen > [Platonisme. Néo-platonisme] > [Études générales] > [Néo-platonisme]
- Invloed en Overleving
- Invloed en Overleving > Moderne Tijd (1789-1960) > Relevantie van Augustin
Hoofdwerk: Augustine, Mystic and Mystagogue