Augustinus van Hippo

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Author:Henry Chadwick
Translators:Anthony Dupont, Wim Sleddens
Published: Halewijn, Antwerpen, 2012
Notes:Vertaling van
Total Pages:164
Topic:- Biography > Person and Life
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hierarchy_parent_title Person and Life
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hierarchy_top_title Biography
hierarchy_sequence augustinus van hippo
topic_id_str_mv 1§1231§
topic_text_en_str_mv Biography§Person and Life§
topic Biography Person and Life
Biographie Personne et Vie
Lebensbeschreibung Person und Leben
Biografie Persoon en Leven
Biografía Persona y Vida
Biografia Persona e Vita
spellingShingle Biography Person and Life
Biographie Personne et Vie
Lebensbeschreibung Person und Leben
Biografie Persoon en Leven
Biografía Persona y Vida
Biografia Persona e Vita
Augustinus van Hippo
Anthony Dupont
Wim Sleddens
Henry Chadwick
topic_hierarchy_en_str_mv 0/Biography/
1/Biography/Person and Life/
topic_text_fr_str_mv Biographie§Personne et Vie§
topic_hierarchy_fr_str_mv 0/Biographie/
1/Biographie/Personne et Vie/
topic_text_de_str_mv Lebensbeschreibung§Person und Leben§
topic_hierarchy_de_str_mv 0/Lebensbeschreibung/
1/Lebensbeschreibung/Person und Leben/
topic_text_nl_str_mv Biografie§Persoon en Leven§
topic_hierarchy_nl_str_mv 0/Biografie/
1/Biografie/Persoon en Leven/
topic_text_es_str_mv Biografía§Persona y Vida§
topic_hierarchy_es_str_mv 0/Biografía/
1/Biografía/Persona y Vida/
topic_text_it_str_mv Biografia§Persona e Vita§
topic_hierarchy_it_str_mv 0/Biografia/
1/Biografia/Persona e Vita/
title_short Augustinus van Hippo
title Augustinus van Hippo
title_sort augustinus van hippo
title_sort_txt augustinus van hippo
title_full Augustinus van Hippo
title_fullStr Augustinus van Hippo
title_full_unstemmed Augustinus van Hippo
author_role Translator
author Anthony Dupont
Wim Sleddens
Henry Chadwick
author_facet Anthony Dupont
Wim Sleddens
Henry Chadwick
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isbn 978-90-8528-248-8
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notes_str Vertaling van
language néerlandais
publishDate 2012
publisher Halewijn
publishPlace_str_mv Antwerpen
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spelling 75934 augustine Bibliography Person and Life Biography 1§1231§ Biography§Person and Life§ Biography Person and Life 0/Biography/ 1/Biography/Person and Life/ Biographie§Personne et Vie§ Biographie Personne et Vie 0/Biographie/ 1/Biographie/Personne et Vie/ Lebensbeschreibung§Person und Leben§ Lebensbeschreibung Person und Leben 0/Lebensbeschreibung/ 1/Lebensbeschreibung/Person und Leben/ Biografie§Persoon en Leven§ Biografie Persoon en Leven 0/Biografie/ 1/Biografie/Persoon en Leven/ Biografía§Persona y Vida§ Biografía Persona y Vida 0/Biografía/ 1/Biografía/Persona y Vida/ Biografia§Persona e Vita§ Biografia Persona e Vita 0/Biografia/ 1/Biografia/Persona e Vita/ augustinus van hippo Augustinus van Hippo Translator Anthony Dupont Translator Wim Sleddens Author Henry Chadwick Active Book 978-90-8528-248-8 164 Vertaling van néerlandais 2012 2012 Halewijn Antwerpen
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