St Augustine, the man who made the west

Proceedings of an all-day Symposium held in Melbourne on 29th August 1987 to commemorate the 1600th anniversary of St. Augustin's baptism
Détails bibliographiques
Éditeur intellectuel:Mark Gagner, John Stanley Martin
Publié: Department of germanic Studies and Russian, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, 1990
Pages Totales:VI-74
Contient: St. Augustine: His influence on European history (with special reference to the Pelagian controversy)
As the Bishop Said to the Linguist...
Augustine and Religious Persecution
St ugustine's Doctrine of Sin and Grace
St Augustine Beyond the Alps
The Event and the Day
flight in Danger
Augustine and the Feminine as the Image of God
The message of St Augustine: 1600 Tears Young!
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