A short history of monastical orders, in which the primitive institution of monks, their tempers, habits, rules and the condition they are in at present, are treated of

By Gabriel d'Emillianne [= Anthony Gavin]

CHAP. VI: Of the pretended Monastical Rules of St. Augustin. The First Rule under the Name of St. Augustin. The Second Rule under the Name of St. Augustin. The Third Rule under the Name of St. Augustin. A Reflection upon these Three Rules attri∣buted to St. Augustin. CHAP. VII: Of the Order and Cong...

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Author:Gabriel D'Emillianne
Published: S. Roycroft, London, 1693
Notes:Reprint: 2001, Ann Harbor (MI), University of Michigan, 364 p. 2011, EEBO Editions, Proquest, 364 p. 978-1240851034.
Total Pages:[38]-312
Topic:- Biography > Person and Life > Augustin's Monachism > Monachism
- Works > Regula S. Augustini > [Regula]
- Doctrine > From man to God > [Morale] > [Spiritualité. Perfection. Conseils évangéliques] > [Spiritualité : institutions] > [Ermites de Saint-Augustin]