Papers presented at the Eleventh International Conference on Patristic Studies held in Oxford 1991, part IV

Cappadocian Fathers, Greek Authors after Nicaea, Augustine, Donatism, and Pelagianism
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Editor:Elizabeth A. Livingstone
Published: Peeters, Leuven, 1993
Series:Studia Patristica
Total Pages:X-438
Child Work(s): Sin, Penalty, and the Responsability of the Soul: A Problem in Augustine's De libero arbitrio, III
Saint Augustine on Christ as principium in De ciutate Dei 10,23-24
Le problème du Saint Esprit dans le système manichéen
The Hermeneutics of De libero arbitrio, vol. III
Sacramentum Christi: Augustine on the Christology of Pelagius
An(n)ianus of Celeda and the Latin Readers of John Chrysostom
Production, Distribution and Exchange in the Thought of St. Augustine
Delectatio Victrix: Grace and Freedom in Saint Augustine
The Correspondence between Augustine and Jerome
Augustine, His Predecessors and Contemporaries, and the Exegesis of 2 Tim. 2.20
The Lord's Prayer in St. Augustine
Augustine's Use of Scriptural Admonitions Against Boasting in His Final Arguments on Grace.
Augustinus und Pseudo-Augustinus in Österreichischen Bibliotheken.
Augustine and De Dialectica: A Consideration on the Author's Intention in the Work
A Quotation from Terence in the De correctione Donatistarum of St. Augustine
Augustine's Letters to Firmus (I A and 2) and the Purpose of the De Civitate Dei
De l'illumination à la déification de l'âme selon saint Augustin
The Doctrine of Creation in Boethius
Suggestions à propos d'un oracle d'Hécate dans la Cité de Dieu de Saint Augustin (XIX, 23, 2)
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