Augustine in Byzantium

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Author:Josef Lössl
Published: S.n., s.l., 2000
Notes:Augustine's interest and impact in the East during his lifetime, p. 267-273; Maximos Planudres and his translation of Augustine's "De Trinitate", p. 273-277; Gregory Palamas and his use of Planudes'stranslation, p. 277-286; Pochoros Kydones - an Augustinian Palamite?; p. 286-294; Conclusion, p. 294-295.
Periodical:The Journal of Ecclesiastical History
Topic:- Influence and Survival > The Middle Ages (430-1453) > General studies of the survival of Augustine in the Greek world and in western thought and schools
- Influence and Survival > The Middle Ages (430-1453) > Influence on the various authors and writings > [Kydones (P.)]
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