Augustine: 'Second Founder of the Faith'

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Editor:Frederick Van Fleteren, Joseph Cletus Schnaubelt
Published: Peter Lang, New York- Bern- Frankfurt am Main- Paris, 1990
Series:Collectanea Augustiniana
Total Pages:XV-517
Topic:- Biography > Person and Life
Child Work(s): Deux peuples, un seul troupeau, un unique Pasteur
Augustine's Confessiones
When I Was a Child: Spiritual Infancy and God's Maternity in Augustine's 'Confessiones'
The Oldest portrait of St. Augustine
St. Augustine's Theory of Conversion
Ambrose Preaching to Augustine: The Shaping of Faith
The Body-Soul Relationship in the Early Augustine
Stoicism and Augustine's Doctrine of Human Freedom after 396
Truth and Augustine's Conversion Scene
Line Drawing of St. Augustine
Il porsi della questione della 'voluntas salvifica' negli ultimi scritti di Agostino (a. 420-427) I
Christian and Citizen
Journeys and Gardens
Metaphor and Symbol in St. Augustine's De civitate dei
Augustine's Influence on Bede's Homeliae evangelii
Conversion(s) in the 'Confessiones'
St. Augustine's Triadic Interpretation of Iniquity in the Confessiones
Manichéisme et pensée augustinienne de la création
De ciuitate dei: Augustine on Pride and the Common Good
St. Augustine on Juridical Duties: Some Aspects of the Episcopal Office in Late Antiquity
Augustine's De civitate dei in John Wyclif and Thomas More
Canonica regula: The Trinitarian Hermeneutics of Augustine
The 'loquaces muti' and the 'Verbum infans'
The Confessiones: two grids of composition and reading
Community and Ascesis
Predestinación, vocación y conversión según san Augustin
Augustinian Biblical Exegesis and the Origins of Modern Science
'Was St. Augustine a Neoplatonist or a Christian?'
Creation de nihilo and Augustine's Account of Evil in Contra secundum Juliani responsionem imperfectum opus, Book V
The Dynamics of the Will in Augustine's Conversion