S. Aureli Augustini, Hipponensis episcopi De catechizandis rudibus Liber unus.

Tranlated with an Introduction and Commentary.

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Author:Joseph Patrick Christopher
Published: The Catholic University of America Press, Washington, D.C., 1926
Series:The Catholic University of America. Patristic Studies
Notes:Translated with an Introduction and commentary. Introduction: 1. Catechesis and St. Augustine's traetises De cathechizandis rudibus. 2. Occasion and date of composition. 3. Contribution to catechetics. IV.- The knowledge and use of this treatise in later writings. 5. Historical and literary importance. 6. Sources. 7. Style. 8. Place in Literature. Text and translation. Commentary. Additional notes. Appendix: African Latinity.
Total Pages:XXI-365
Status:Needs Review
Summary:Tranlated with an Introduction and Commentary.