Die Drei-Einheit der Liebe: Eros-Philia-Agape

"A delightful and penetrating essay on Augustine's view of friendship (264-282) which is cast as a sort of meditative commentary on Confessions IV, 4 ff, the account of Augustine's unnamed friend of Thagaste, whose sudden and early death evoked such profound grief in the young Manichaean auditor. Lo...

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Author:Johannes Baptist Lotz
Published: S.n., s.l., 1984
Periodical:Bulletin de théologie ancienne et médiévale
Topic:- Works > Confessiones > Conf. IV > Conf. IV, 4 > [Amiti]
- Doctrine > From man to God > [Morale] > [Charité. Amitié] > Friendship
Status:Needs Review