Papers presented at the Fifteenth International Conference on Patristic Studies held in Oxford 2007. Vol. XLIX

St. Augustine and his opponents
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Editor:J. Baun, Averil Cameron, Mark Julian Edwards, Markus Vinzent
Published: Peeters, Leuven-Paris-Walpole (MA), 2010
Series:Studia Patristica
Notes:With index auctorum and table of contents of vols XLIV - XLIX.
Total Pages:xv, 429
Topic:- Influence and Survival > Generalities > [Père de l'Église]
Child Work(s): Augustine's longing for holiness and the problem of monastic illiteracy
Augustine and the western dimension of the Nestorian controversy
The human condition as a unifying theme of the Confessions
Augustine on Donatism
The holiness of the Church in North African Theology
Divine simplicity in the De Trinitate of St. Augustine
La correspondance antipélagienne de l'Afrique avec Rome
Signs of the fall
The heart as frame to reach the Word
The position of Gentiles and Pagans and their relation to grace in Augustine's sermones ad populum
Augustine on Begotten but coeternal
Christ, the wisdom of God
Perpetual Felicity
The figure of Adam in the Sermons of Augustine
Sul ruolo metodologico del vocabolario nella lettura teologia agostiniana della grazia (397-428
The structure and purpose of book VIII of Augustine's De Trinitate
The authorship of the Ps.-Augustinian Hypomnesticon , Part II
Relating Christus Sacerdos and Christus Mediator in St. Augustine's S. Dolbeau 26
Pagan monotheism and Augustine's early works
Poverty as a social issue in Augustine's Homilies
Conversations and peregrinations of Augustine with his closest friends
Patristics and Pedagogy
Beauty and Grace in Augustine
Augustine, the Timaeus and the cosmogonical fallacy
Continuities and discrepancies in Augustine's view on concupiscence and baptism (410-30)
Signs of the fall : exilic vision in Augustine
Physician of the soul : Augustine and spiritual mentoring
Sensory perceptions as a mandatory requirement for the via negativa towards God
Light and illumination in Augustine : revisiting an old theme
Acts 4:32 in Augustine's ecclesiology
Christ as disciplina Dei in Augustine's early educational thought
Justice in war in and before Augustine
Medical art : Some remarks on its limitation and verification in Augustine
Frozen time : the problem of perseverance
Orality, textuality, and the memory of the congregation in Augustine's sermons
Physical infirmity, spiritual strength : Augustine's female martyrs
Virgil, Cicero and the rusticanus : Augustine's Contra academicos III 15.34-35
Truth and dialectics in Augustine's Soliloquies
Augustine's scriptural exegesis in De Genesi ad litteram liber unus inperfectus
Note sulla Inchoata Expositio ad Romanos di Agostino
A reinterpretation of Prosper of Aquitaine's theological development
Textual cohesion in Augustine's De cura pro mortuis gerenda
Quos uulgo moriones uocant (Contra Iulianum III 4, 10)
Beobachtungen zu Augustinus' Locutiones in Heptateuchum
A last apology for Pelagians?
Le commentaire sur les Psaumes de Julien d'Éclane et le texte du Psautier
New perspectives on St. Augustine and Priscillianism
Movements of a putrefying carcass
Die Ostertheologie des Augustinus nach den Briefen Ad inquisitiones Ianuarii
The demands of service
Augustine becoming articulate
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