A companion to Augustine

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Collaborator:Shelley Reid
Editor:Mark Vessey
Published: Wiley-Blackwell, Malden, MA, 2012
Series:Blackwell Companions to the Ancient World
Total Pages:xliii-595 p.
Topic:- Doctrine > General studies > [Introductions. Synthèses] > [Synthèse]
Child Work(s): Political History : the Later Roman Empire
Cultural geography : Roman North Africa
Religious sociology : being Christian in the time of Augustine
Spes saeculi : Augustine's worldly ambition and career
Love and belonging, loss and betrayal in the Confessions
The Confessions as autobiography
Reading the Confessions
Augustine and language
Augustine's information circuits
Augustine and Roman spectacles
Augustine and books
Augustine and the Latin classics
Augustine and the philosophers
Augustine and the books of the Manichaeans
Augustine and Scripture
Augustine and his Christian predecessors
Augustine as a reader of his Christian contemporaries
Augustine among the writers of the Church
Philosopher : Augustine in retirement
Conversationalist and consultant : Augustine in dialogue
Mystic and monk : Augustine and the spiritual life
Preacher : Augustine and his congregation
Administrator : Augustine in his diocese
Controversialist : Augustine in combat
Augustine on the will
Augustine on the body
Augustine on friendship and orthodoxy
Augustine on the statesman and the two cities
Augustine on scripture and the Trinity
Augustine's work in circulation
Augustine in the Latin West, 430 - ca. 900
Augustine in the Western Middle Ages to the Reformation
Envoi : After Augustine?
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