About the Project

Welcome to 'Finding Augustine', a rich and readily accessible bibliographical collection concerning Augustine of Hippo and his legacy. This is the product of a unique international collaboration between institutions of higher learning in Europe and America.

Most publications in this bibliography, whether they are books, collections or articles, are organized according to a set of categories which make it possible to locate individual items according to any one of the several significant topics or ideas contained in the catalog. Originally published in French, this extended taxonomy is already partially translated in other languages. Where the translation of the key words or tags is not yet completed, the original language is used – for the time being.

We preferred to make the complete catalog – with all of its rich complexity – available now for academic and popular scientific research and information retrieval. Since not all of the data has been double-checked by one of our editors, the already-verified entries have been marked with a green status indicator. We welcome each and every correction when you find that some of the published information is incorrect. Please use the following contact form to communicate with our editors: click here